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Tina and Sherman

 Welcome - please visit and stay awhile!

Welcome and thank you so much for visiting my website.  As the name implies; Animal Excellence, we strive to provide the most experienced, caring, compassionate, reliable and trusting service that we can offer in order to promote animals to their most excellent state of well being.   Please take a moment to visit this site and get to know me, Tina Houchens, and my vision for Animal Excellence

To learn more about us, please click on any item listed to your left.  If you have any animal care needs that are not listed, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss the need and hopefully provide service.  

Phone:  (708) 704-3386

Text:      (708) 704-3386


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Getting to know Animal Excellence

My name is Tina Houchens and I have had love, repsect, and desire for working with animals since my childhood. I always wanted to work with animals and learn about their intricate behavior, promote them to a better living standard, and enhance their lives.

I graduated from Governors State University in 1988 with a Bachelors Degree in Biology. I was hired in 1991 at Brookfield Zoo as one of their animal keepers. I hold this career in high regard and after 23 years, I continue to dedicate myself to excellent animal care and educating as many of the millions of guests that visit every year.

While working full time, I found I had another longing. In addition to my passion of working with exotic animals; I wanted to also focus on other realms of animal care. In 2007, I became certified in horse and dog massage, providing more natural, holistic care promoting self healing in the animal. I had practiced on many individuals and after 100 hrs of perfecting the technique, I was ready to start my business. I wanted to be self assured that the care I was providing actually worked, and it is amazing how it does!

In 2008, I began my business Animal Excellence. I pride myself on providing excellent care of animals in their resident location. This is so very beneficial in many ways! For example, pets cared for in their home locations:

  • Do not have to be transported; therefore alleviating stress (the pet and the owner).
  • Can have their owners by their side to help them feel comfortable.
  • Feel more comfortable and express typical behavior in their residence.
  • May have minor cleaning/grooming, etc done without anesthesia, and no after effects from anesthesia.
  • Can keep their typical routines.
  • Are familiar with the own home smells as compared to the stress of smelling clinical smells such as rubbing alchol at the vets office.
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